I’ve chosen the yarn for my freeform overshot Seashell Scarf


I’ve chosen my yarns for my Seashell Scarf. I like intense colors. I also like to experiment. I will be using a 12-dent rigid heddle. The warp yarn is fingering weight Araucania sugarcane rayon, which is similar in thickness to 3/2 cotton, the warp yarn I used to weave my Mermaid Scarf. The tabby weft is 10/2 UKI No. 002 Light Turquoise. The pattern weft is experimental: 4-ply superwash sock yarn from Blissful Knits Etsy shop hand dyed rainbow gradient yarn. It’s similar in thickness to the warp yarn, and because it’s plied superwash, it won’t puff up as much as a singles wool yarn would. I will use about 3/4 of it for the scarf. Because some of the blue areas are nearly the same shade as the warp yarn, I’m going to cut off the blue on the outside and start with blue-green.

Request to join my Weave Along With Lisa Rayner Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WeaveAlongWithLisaRayner/.


Facebook study group Weave Along With Lisa Rayner is up & running!


I applied a coat of polyurethane to my new Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom. I’m getting ready to start a new freeform overshot project like my Mermaid Scarf. I will be weaving a seashell-themed scarf in my new Facebook group, starting with my charted nautilus design. Request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WeaveAlongWithLisaRayner/.

This group is a freeform overshot weaving study group. Members will be able to discuss their freeform overshot and other complex pick up weaving projects. You can choose to weave along with me, or just hand out and learn more about freeform overshot. Members are encouraged to ask questions and submit photos of their freeform overshot projects, both on the loom and finished projects.

Have you wished you could weave fabric with Jacquard-like patterns? Do you like tapestry motifs, but want to weave wearable, drapeable cloth? You can weave wearable, drapeable scarves and other fabrics on any loom, from rigid heddle looms, backstrap looms, and even full size inkle looms, to simple shaft looms, multishaft table and floor looms, and dobby looms using the freeform overshot technique. I created freeform overshot to weave cloth thin and drapey enough for wearable items but with large motifs usually found in weft-faced tapestries or warp-faced patterns like Andean Pebble Weave. Freeform overshot is a form of tabby (plain weave) alternating with fancy twill patterns not created by simple repeatable treadling/liftplan sequences.

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I have a special 10% off coupon that applies to anything in my Etsy shop if you buy two or more items. Now through January 2, 2018: WEAVE10.

I get a new loom


OMG. My looms reproduced! The baby is a 10-inch Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom. I plan to use it for complex pick up designs that would require a Jacquard loom or drawloom otherwise, like my Mermaid Scarf. LynnAnnRose has taken over the Schacht Flip loom.

New freeform overshot pattern published. New Facebook group coming soon.


I have published a new ebook, “Seashell Pattern Chart #1: Nautilus Shell” in my Etsy store as an instant digital download. This two-page PDF contains a weaving draft drawdown (chart) and weaving notes. Weave this freeform overshot pattern on a rigid heddle loom, backstrap loom, shaft loom (using pick-up), or drawloom. You can also use or modify this chart to weave four-shaft double weave, embroidery, beading, or for knitting a two-color stranded knitting or double knitting, or a knit/purl pattern.

PLUS, I will email buyers two WIF files for this draft, with and without the overshot tabby picks, within 48 hours to people who purchase this pattern.

The nautilus pattern can be used alone or in combination with other seashell patterns in my new Seashell Pattern Chart series’ booklets to weave a scarf or other items, like towels or framed artwork. I will publish a much longer booklet with all the patterns I design (10 to 12), plus complete directions for weaving a seashell-themed scarf. This will take a few months. People who join my Facebook group and who purchase all of my patterns in this series will receive a free copy of the finished scarf booklet.

In the meantime, I will be setting up a new Facebook group, “Weave Along with Lisa Rayner” to weave a seashell-themed freeform overshot scarf with group members on my 10-inch Schacht Cricket rigid heddle loom. Details coming soon.

New eBook: “Leno Lace Iridescent Wave Shawl”




I have a new weaving pattern eBook and print version listed in my Etsy shop: “Leno Lace Iridescent Wave Shawl.” Use LENOLACE20 coupon code through Sunday, December 10 to get 20% off the eBook and LENOLACE10 to get 10% off the print version.

I wove this shawl on my 25-inch-wide Schacht Flip rigid heddle loom. Weave a soft, lacy, drapey cotton shawl on a rigid heddle loom, shaft loom, or backstrap loom, with ocean waves and an iridescent appearance. Complete directions from start to finish. The shawl combines two finger-manipulated lace weaves: leno lace to produce open-work mesh waves and Spanish lace to weave plain weave in between the wave motifs.

This pattern booklet contains:
* Many close-up photographs of the shawl on and off the loom showing design detail.
* A description of how I came up with the design and how I chose which techniques to use.
* A detailed, easy-to-follow description of how to weave the shawl from start to finish.

New rigid heddle pattern booklet in the works

My second-ever rigid heddle weaving project after my Mermaid Scarf was a lacy shawl combining leno lace and Spanish lace to produce large wave motifs, combined with an iridescent abalone shell-look created by mixing 5/2 jade green mercerized cotton yarn with a spectrum of 20/2 mercerized cotton yarns. I had to research how to combine the leno and Spanish laces. The booklet will provide complete directions for weaving this shawl from start to finish.

*Pablo not included.

A full color print edition of my Mermaid Scarf booklet is now available


A full-color PRINT edition is now available of my freeform overshot instruction booklet: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LisaRaynerHandwovens. The MERMAID10 10% discount applies through Thanksgiving weekend and ends at midnight on Sunday, November 26.

My Mermaid Scarf eBook is now available


My rigid heddle Mermaid Scarf freeform overshot eBook is now available as an instant digital download in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LisaRaynerHandwovens. The booklet has 20 full sized pages and many color photographs. The photos show the front and back covers. The cost is $9.99. I’m offering a coupon for 10% off now through Thanksgiving weekend (Sunday, Nov. 26): MERMAID10.

I love my new loom


The underside of my kimono-style Sea Goddess Tunic collar is as pretty as the right side. I love the aqua-purple colorway of the mercerized cotton knitting yarn (Plymouth Pendenza Teal/Purple). Lifting about 12 shafts for each pick is tiring. Despite the lightweight shaft frames and Texsolv heddles, 12 shafts is still heavy, and I walk and bicycle everywhere, so I have really strong legs. Some AVL looms have an e-lift option, but not the Workshop Dobby Loom.