A video of me weaving freeform overshot pick up

My eBook “The Mermaid Scarf & The Freeform Overshot Technique “ explains this flexible weave structure and how to design your own patterns and weave patterns designed by others in detail.

An interpretation of my seashell scarf

Weaver Ellen Hengeveld wove this stunning freeform overshot scarf with my seashell weaving patterns. The yarn is handspun merino with a little lurex mixed in with the rainbow colors. I love Ellen’s creative positioning of the patterns on this scarf. I’m having a 10% off sale on weaving patterns and more in my Etsy store.

My handwoven transgender pride scarf


My first few rows of Brooks Bouquet lace on my transgender pride flag scarf. I chose a WEBS 8/2 unmercerized cotton yarn for the weft to mute the warp colors a little and blend in at the same time. I put silver lined pink beads on the first two rows of lace. I’ll do the same at the other end. In between, there will be no beads and more plain weave between each lace row to provide stability. Etsy 10% off sale through February.

I’m warping a lacy scarf for Pride season



I’m warping my 10-inch Schacht Cricket rigid heddle loom to make a transgender pride flag scarf. Tiger is very interested in yarn that moves. I know, big shocker! No one would ever guess!!!

Weaving notes:

I’m mulling over a transgender flag-themed cotton scarf using only yarns already in my stash. putting thin stripes of hand dyed rainbow yarn in between the 5/2 blue, a similar weight of intense pink crochet yarn, and doubled strands of white rayon.


  • Sett 15 epi using a McCracken3D printed 15-dent heddle for a warp-emphasis design.
  • Eighteen ends each for the flag colors (five stripes: blue, pink, white, pink, blue) = 90 ends + three rainbow ends x four rainbow stripes = 102 ends total, doubled on the outside edges.
  • 102 / 15 epi = 6.8 inches wide on the loom.
  • Because I want the rainbow yarn to create a faux ikat effect, I must make the warp four repeats long, or 134 inches/11.17 feet/3.7 yards. The weft will be a thinner yarn, either one strand of the white rayon or size 10 crochet cotton in a lighter shade of pink.

I’m using a bowl for yarn balls and my ball winder for the cone yarns; the yarn comes off the top. Because the rainbow yarn was dyed in a skein, a circle, and direct warping zigzags back and forth, I have to cut and tie on each rainbow end, adjusting the yarn so that the colors line up for a faux ikat effect.

Current weaving projects update

I’ve been working on several projects lately. Don’t forget I have a 10% off store-wide Etsy sale through February!

I’m twisting fringe for my rigid heddle-woven Caribbean Shawl. I twist all my fringe by hand. I do not use a fringe twister. I also like very fine fringe. I’m twisting two strands of the rayon bouclé warp yarn together for each strand of fringe. I’m adding a silver lined blue seed bead every three strands of fringe. I use a heavy reed to weigh down the fabric so it doesn’t shift around.

I’m offering custom handwoven transgender pride flag shawls, woven in time for the 2019 Pride season. Plain weave shawls with custom sizing (as large as necessary to fit you) $600. Scarves in various lengths and widths are less expensive. Delicate hand-manipulated lace versions available in Spanish lace, leno lace and/or Brooks bouquet are $800 with custom sizing. All of my shawls include hand twisted fringe with beads. Choose from sparkling pink or blue silver lined seed beads. I’m paying myself $15 an hour, barely a living wage. Weaving is labor intensive. I also have hand dyed rainbow warps for weaving pride shawls. Trans pride flag bracelets are still available to match!

I finally had some time to hand sew a couple of bracelets from Goddess Ruana fabric scraps for me and LynnAnnRose. I folded the zigzagged fabric edges over one-inch-wide cotton twill tape and sewed on crocheted shisha mirrors. I used a snap closure for my bracelet and two eye hooks for LynnAnnRose’s bracelet.

I bought two hand dyed warps from Carr Park Artisans, one with 200 ends and the other with 400 ends in the same colorway. Plus, I purchased a Blazing Shuttles rainbow chenille skein someone was destashing (left skein in photo above right). I can’t pass up rainbow yarns. Apparently, it’s part of my life’s work to explore rainbow-dyed yarns 🏳️‍🌈💜❤️🧡💛💚💙.

Etsy store sale through February

10% off store-wide sale!

I finished weaving my Caribbean Shawl

Now that I have finished weaving the shawl, including hemstitching the end, like I hemstitched the beginning, I will twist the fringe and add sparkly blue beads to it.

COMPLETE Mermaid Scarf 2.0 Weaving Kit now available


This complete weaving kit (link to my Etsy shop) for my Mermaid Scarf 2.0 includes three separate items. Because Etsy listings may contain EITHER physical or digital download items, I had to list this complete 3-part kit as a physical item. Therefore, I will email the two ebooklets to buyers.

You will receive:

1. My FULL COLOR 20-page eBooklet “The Mermaid Scarf Pattern & the Freeform Overshot Technique” with freeform overshot instructions. This booklet contains:
* Close-up photographs of the back of my ORIGINAL Mermaid Scarf showing design detail.
* A description of my creative process and reinventing freeform overshot.
* A detailed, easy-to-follow description of how to weave a Mermaid-style scarf.
* Excerpts and photographs from blog posts I wrote while I was weaving the scarf.
* Directions on how to apply the freeform overshot technique to any weaving project.
* Photographs of freeform overshot scarves and comments from five other weavers.
* How to use weaving software to design freeform overshot patterns.
* How to weave freeform overshot-style patterns on a dobby loom.

2. My Mermaid Scarf 2.0 CHART: I designed the original 2015 Mermaid Scarf 1.0 as I wove it, stream-of-consciousness style. My 2018 Mermaid Scarf 2.0 has flowier curves than the original. This pattern chart contains 58,752 pixels; 64 ends wide and 918 pattern weft picks. Tabby weft pickes are not included. Finished scarf dimensions: 5.33 inches wide on the loom with a 12-dent heddle like the original scarf (wider if you add background twill borders) and is 83.5 inches wide on the loom.

3. A Mermaid Scarf 2.0 Yarn Kit with multiple color choices. Included in this weaving kit:
* 3/2 mercerized cotton warp yarn: 250 yards
* 10/2 mercerized cotton tabby weft yarn: 215yds
* Wisdom Yarns Poems Sock pattern weft yarn: 225 yards. Content: 75% Superwash Wool/25% Nylon.

Color choices for warp and tabby weft (all mercerized cotton):
* Jade green (original color)
* Light blue (UKI light turquoise)
* Light pink
* Magenta (more muted than the magenta in the pattern weft sock yarn)
* Eggplant
* Red (crimson)
* Purple (royal purple)
* Ivory (unbleached white)

Another weaving project done!


I took the fabric for my Northern Lights Tunic Vest off the loom. Time to wash it. Then I have another tie-on project to the white huck lace poncho warp.

Six more colors now available for my Mermaid Scarf Yarn Kit


Six new colors for my Mermaid Scarf Yarn Kit: Light pink, magenta, eggplant, royal purple, crimson, ivory. Each yarn kit comes with the rainbow sock yarn, and mercerized cotton 3/2 and 10/2 warp and pattern weft yarns.

NEW Mermaid Scarf Yarn Kit with TWO color choices!

I just listed a Mermaid Scarf yarn kit in my Etsy shop with TWO color choices:

  • Warp yarn: the original 3/2 mercerized cotton warp yarn in jade green OR pastel blue fingering weight Araucania Cana Ruca sugarcane viscose rayon: 250 yards (the same yarn I used for my Seashell Scarf)
  • Tabby weft yarn: 10/2 jade green or pastel blue tabby weft yarn: 215yd
  • Pattern weft yarn: Wisdom Yarns Poems Sock pattern weft yarn: 225 yards. Content: 75% Superwash Wool/25% Nylon.

Note: pattern chart and freeform overshot ebooklet sold separately!

Weave this water-themed scarf with large spirals and waves on a rigid-heddle loom, shaft loom, or backstrap loom. Overshot cloth uses a thicker weft for pattern floats alternating with thinner tabby picks that stabilize the web. Use a pick-up stick to weave the spiral pattern.