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Goddess Scarf progress update


I’m back to weaving my Goddess Scarf. Weaving a charted spiral is quite a bit easier than creating one as I weave, as I did with my Mermaid Scarf!

Our Caribbean Shawl is on our newest loom!

LynnAnnRose and I rolled our new Caribbean Shawl onto the 36-inch Schacht rigid heddle loom I found on Craigslist. Pablo helped us out, of course. My final design is 28 inches wide on the loom in a 10-dent heddle. To accommodate the width of the colorful ribbon yarn I decided to include for extra interest, I left a hole and a slot on either side of each ribbon empty.

My newest goddess pattern chart


My newest Goddess Scarf pattern is now available: Spirals, a very common goddess motif. The spirals will go around the back of the scarf. The pattern is approximately 16 inches long, or high, since drawdowns are vertical.

You could also use multiple repeats of this pattern to make a Mermaid Scarf-style scarf.


And here is a sneak peak at my design process: I like to draw designs freehand in my weaving software program in the drawdown. Nature is filled with geometric patterns, but none of them are expressed perfectly. Natural forces always interfere with “perfection”: water currents, wind, other beings crowding too close, geological processes, gravity, and more. Freehand drawing allows me to create naturalistic geometric patterns. My freeform overshot patterns are 64 ends, or shafts, wide. I use a simple 64-end straight threading and choose the liftplan option (the black squares on the right).

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A look at the Goddess Scarf so far ….


My first three motifs for my freeform overshot Goddess Scarf: the Paleolithic Venus of Dolní Věstonice (aqua blue, Czech Republic), a green Snake Goddess from Neolithic Crete, and a yellow Neolithic Ancient Egyptian Nile Goddess. The total length of the scarf so far is 30 inches. I’m now going to design some goddess-themed spiral motifs for the part of the scarf that will go around my neck. Then I will weave three more goddesses “upside down” to hang upright down the other side of my neck.

All of my goddess patterns are available in my Etsy shop.

Busy, busy, busy ….


I have multiple weaving and fiber arts projects going on at once:

1. I’m above the Venus of Dolní Věstonice’s belly button! Because I’m zigzagging the placement of my goddess motifs, I had some extra space to the right of her legs, so I added a small spiral to the design as I wove. I really like her 4:1 sateen body.


2. I’m trying to finish knitting a pair of socks I started a year ago! This is the second sock.

3. I decided to take up bead loom weaving. I finished my first loom-woven bracelet using 11/0 Japanese seed beads from my favorite bead store in Santa Fe, Beadweaver. I wanted it to fit both LynnAnnRose and me, so I added extra loops to create the second half of the clasp. I like my choice of the big bead and leaf bead to make the clasp itself. Also, I figured out that the loom fits into the grooves on our camping table, which makes the loom more stable. Now I’m going to weave a bracelet for LynnAnnRose using a lot of pinks and reds and a pattern that I will create as I weave.

4. Our latest weaving project: a rayon shawl in Caribbean colors. This is LynnAnnRose’s project (I’m helping her), and she’s a beginning weaver, so we’re making a plain weave shawl using these hand dyed fingering weight yarns on our 36-inch rigid heddle loom using a 12-dent heddle. The boucle yarn is from Yarntopia Treasures on Etsy. We’ll use that yarn for the warp. Both yarns are super soft.

The newest Goddess Scarf Pattern


My latest Goddess Scarf pattern is now available in my Etsy shop. The Venus of Dolní Věstonice (29,000 BCE – 25,000 BCE) is one of the oldest known ceramic pieces, and the oldest known ceramic figurine, predating the use of fired clay to make pottery. The figurine was found at a Paleolithic site near Brno, Czech Republic.

There are four holes on the top of her head, possibly for inserting vegetation or feathers, as well as very fine incisions running from her eyes down her breasts, possibly a representation of the Mother Goddess’ tears representing rain, and the resulting fertility of vegetation.

The preview picture doesn’t show the 4:1 sateen weave structure I used in the pattern to create tie-down warp ends on her body. The pattern itself shows the actual weave structure.

My finished Snake Goddess from Crete


Weaving with a pick up stick makes creative designing easy even on a simple loom. Buy my 64-shaft freeform overshot pattern in my Etsy store. Now on to my next goddess design ….

Snake Goddess update


The fact that she’s sitting in a classic lotus position is probably not coincidental. In antiquity there was a lot of travel between the East and western places like Crete on the Silk Roads.