Huck lace embroidery on the loom

I’m doing huck lace embroidery on the loom. I started my eight shaft huck lace fuchsia huipil fabric with a handwoven brocade and soumak border last year. Huck lace has long been used as an embroidery fabric, on and off the loom. Huck warp and weft floats make perfect couching stitches for embroidered threads that float on the surface. I have a copy of the 1979 book Embroidering with the Loom: Creative Combinations of Weaving and Stitchery, by Penelope Drooker. I recently read Learn Swedish Weaving & Huck Embroidery, by Katherine Kennedy, which is about embroidering on commercial huck embroidery fabric.

I decided to zig zag four strands of 3/2 UKI jade mercerized cotton through the two middle huck diamond sections to create diamonds that emphasize the huck lace diamond pattern underneath. First, I weave a section of the fabric. Then, I weave the jade yarns through the weft floats in the newly-woven fabric. Finally, I move the fabric forward to weave the next section. The embroidered diamonds will run up the middle of each side of the huipil. I plan to add an inkle or tablet/card-woven trim that uses the same stripe and embroidery colors in the fabric. I might include some shisha mirror embroidery on the trim, too.

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