My visit to the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe

Here are some of my photos that I took at the annual International Folk Art Market here in Santa Fe. Click on the first photo to see them in large format as a slide show. It was amazing to see so many artists from so many countries in one place. Up to 90% of the artists’ annual income comes through this market. Their travel is subsidized by the International Folk Art Alliance: I tended to gravitate towards the African (Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria) and Central Asian (Kazakhstan, Kyrghistan, Uzbekistan, Kohistan, Pakistan) artists. I also loved the many handwoven/hand embroidered huipiles from Mexico and Central and South America. Read more below the photos.

I bought the Maasai beaded collar necklace in the first photo. It’s on the wall in the second photo. I chose it because the size was right for me, not to big in circumference, and I liked the colors. I love how Maasai women layer so many colorful beaded necklaces and head ornaments. Meeri Tuya, one of the women beaders / jewelers at the booth was kind enough to pose with me. I loved her anklet cuffs paired with her sneakers.

I bought the Hungarian Transylvanian wooden tray visible in the wood carving photo. I will do another post on the tray and the wood carver; I was so engrossed in talking to him (naturally) that I forgot to take a picture of him! He has a website, though, and we exchanged contact info, so I’ll let you know more about him soon.

I also bought a Pakistani baby’s hat covered in amuletic beads, mirrors, and embroidery; I need to take photos of it.

5 thoughts on “My visit to the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe

  1. It looked like such a beautiful market and a wonderful opportunity to see such fine craftsmanship from around the world- I wish it was closer! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂


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