A carved wooden Hungarian Transylvanian tray I bought at the International Folk Art Market


This is the pomegranate-shaped, carved wooden tray I bought from the Hungarian-Transylvanian wood carver and painter Levente Lehel Sütő at the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe. Pomegranates became a common Hungarian motif for textiles, wooden and ceramic objects, and more during greater Hungary’s inclusion in the Ottoman Turkish Empire. Pomegranates, as well as the tulip and sun motifs on the tray are often found in Hungarian embroidery.

This photo of Levente is from his website www.sutoleventelehel.com:


On his website, Levente says about the Sütő family and his career: “Originally from Fiátfalva, the furniture-making and furniture-painting Sütő dynasty of Vargyas is one of the best known of the historic furniture making families in Székelyföld, Transylvania. From the end of the 16th century to the present day, 14 generations have handed down the craft of cabinet-making.” He goes into a lot of detail on his family. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase anything through the site.

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