My new fiber arts studio is evolving


My new fiber arts studio in my living room and dining room is gradually taking shape. I’m happy to see my handwoven shawls and other handmade items on display again.

I found the red-matted frame at the Santa Fe Goodwill. It’s perfect for displaying two photos of a Romanian relative weaving a rug and the family outside their home in Gherta Mare. Previously, I had been displaying the top photo by itself in a small frame.

The thank you flags were made by a Haitian women’s cooperative called Art Matènwa. I loved them the moment I saw them at the International Folk Art Market, but they were not for sale there; I had to buy them through the cooperative’s website.

I plan to paint the fireplace an adobe color and hang my Fibonacci-striped fabric that I had originally planned to use for napkins and then placemats from the fireplace. I also plan to paint my cat-themed chandelier a turquoise/aqua color and decorate it with seashells. Some textile items like my warping board will be placed in the new Master Bedroom.

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