I’m warping my Psychedelic Sunrise shawl

I’m finally sleying the heddles on my floor loom with the hand painted rayon warp from Yarntopia Treasures that I measured out and chained in Flagstaff, Arizona a couple of months ago before moving to Santa Fe. I’ve decided to name the shawl, “Psychedelic Sunrise.” The yarns are 6/2 bamboo hand painted yarns from YarntopiaTreasures, in the colorways “Ruby Slippers” and “Starburst.” I blended the yarns with Fibonacci sequence numbers.

This is the first time I’ve combined a hand painted warp with Fibonacci stripes. The yarns have to be threaded through the heddles in the exact sequence they were wound on the warping board in order for the color mixing and stripe width to come out right. I’m threading the 12-dent with two ends per dent for 24 e.p.i., so for the first time ever in my weaving career, I’m transferring the cross behind the reed using two lease sticks so that when I thread the heddles I’ll easily maintain the threading sequence.

When I went to start warping the loom, I decided that the spot I had initially chosen for my loom is too dark, so I have rearranged the furniture (again) to put my floor loom near a large north-facing window in the dining room. This is why it’s good for fiber artists to have a spouse who doesn’t mind having your fiber arts equipment take over the house.

Oh, and we painted our two-story fireplace an adobe color, too.

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