I’m more than halfway done warping my floor loom


I’m working to get the warp for my Psychedelic Sunrise shawl on the loom before Friday. We’re having a combination house warming party and party for my 50th birthday that evening. A bunch of weavers from the Santa Fe Las Tejedoras Fiber Arts Guild are attending, along with other people with similar interests to mine who I’ve met during my six weeks living in Santa Fe, plus the several months before that when I was joining Facebook interest groups in Santa Fe and taking a series of house hunting trips.

The  threading pattern is an expanded twill. I’m using tweezers to help pull out the ends in order from the cross on the lease sticks. If possible, I’d like to have a complete pattern repeat woven before the party, so people can see what I’m weaving; the treadling pattern is an advancing twill.

I hung my Mermaid Scarf on the wall behind me. I used an antique stick shuttle as the hanging rod. I need to hang up a framed copy of the Handwoven magazine cover featuring the scarf to the left of the scarf itself.

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