A handwoven Guatemalan ikat shawl


There’s a really cool store in historic downtown Santa Fe that specializes in Latin American folk art called Pachamama Gallery on Canyon Road, the major art gallery street in the city. Unfortunately, the owner is retiring after decades and the store will be closing after the holidays. The upside is that items under $500 are 25% off (items over $500 have even larger discounts). I couldn’t resist this very colorful, thick, warp-faced ikat shawl. I have books on how to do ikat dyeing (warp tie-dye), but it’s a skill that I might never acquire. There are some really cool, very large, huipiles in the store, too, but I can’t afford to spend $300 on a handwoven textile right now. I will be returning weekly until the store closes, however. I’m hoping the discount goes up.

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