A new weaving student

Experienced weavers love teaching people how to weave. LynnAnnRose and I visited Albuquerque last week. Naturally, we had to stop in at The Yarn Store at Nob Hill. LynnAnnRose chose several wool skeins in her favorite colors. I taught her to how to knit several months ago. Now she is learning how to weave on my rigid heddle loom.

The warp yarn is a fingering weight Nako Arya Ebruli Sim wool and nylon singles with a metallic accent thread. I decided that the yarn would work best in my 12-dent heddle threaded two ends per slot and hole to create a warp-faced scarf sett at 24 e.p.i. I helped her warp the loom using the direct warping method. The warp is approximately eight inches wide and uses all the yarn in the skein. The new kitty is her seven-year-old tabby Tiger.

LynnAnnRose is using the pictured 20/2 weaving cotton (the same thickness as #20 crochet cotton) as the weft to weave a half-basket weave structure. The scarf looks great so far: very little edge draw-in and fairly even beating for a brand-new weaver.

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