The Rose Scarf is finished & a new project is already underway



LynnAnnRose’s first completed rigid heddle project. She did a great job keeping the selvedges straight. One 100g ball of fingering/sock singles yarn sett at 24 epi (really 12 epi, two ends per slot and hole). Weft yarn: 20/2 mercerized cotton for a warp-emphasis fabric. Super soft and drapey. I love how the yarn striping turned out. About 70 inches in length. I twisted the four-inch fringe by hand for her because the yarn was really “sticky” due to loose fibers. I wet finished the scarf in hot water and synthrapol fabric detergent.

We’ve started a second project together, this time on my eight shaft floor loom: a white three-block huck lace poncho for her with a 3/2 mercerized cotton warp and DK weight Frog Tree Meriboo weft (merino/bamboo), unfortunately a discontinued yarn; we have just enough of it on hand. In between each row of huck lace diamonds will be a stripe of worsted weight wool yarn for additional texture. I’m threading the reed at 12 epi right now. LynnAnnRose will do a lot of  the weaving herself, her first shaft loom project.

We will be weaving the fabric upside down (pictured) so that the worsted weight yarn ends can be easily woven back into the fabric through the huck lace warp floats on the back of the fabric.

3 thoughts on “The Rose Scarf is finished & a new project is already underway

  1. She looks beautiful in her new scarf! Wonderful job, LynnAnnRose! Can’t wait to see the huck lace. White huck lace always sends my heart racing. It’s so elegant and classic.


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