A quick handspun rainbow shawl

I’m weaving a simple handspun, hand-dyed, hand-combed merino rainbow shawl on my rigid heddle loom. I dyed some of the yarn in cochineal, and some in synthetic fuchsia. The rainbow colors are mostly Ashland Bay Merino Top.I used my English wool combs to combine the rainbow colors into an easy-to-spin variegated top on my hackle.

Using worsted-weight yarn in a 12-dent heddle provides a perfect warp-emphasis fabric. The singles merino fuchsia Malabrigo Lace I chose for the weft showcases my handspun warp really well without attracting attention to itself.

I want to be able to wear this warm wool shawl before it becomes too warm. That’s a lilac bush blooming outside the window.

3 thoughts on “A quick handspun rainbow shawl

  1. Beautiful colors. I’m thinking I will have to learn how to dye yarns. I love the picture of the cat sitting on the yarn.


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