A fun & fibery weekend

Friday, LynnAnnRose and I attended the Albuquerque, New Mexico Las Arañas Spinners & Weavers Guild‘s annual Spider’s Market; I bought a cute tie-dyed tank top. I really need to get my dyeing studio re-established in Santa Fe!!!

LynnAnnRose finished her first inkle loom project, the flowery inkle strap for a Log Cabin-patterned tote bag. I helped her out by finishing the last bit of weaving to squeeze out a few more inches in length from the warp, and then I sewed the ends, cut the band off the loom, wet finished it in a hot soap and washing soda solution, and hung it up to dry.

I finished twisting the fringe on my rigid heddle-woven handspun merino wool rainbow shawl. Then I washed it, ironed it, and let it dry. I just need to trim the ends. Photos of the finished shawl coming soon.

LynnAnnRose also spent some time weaving her white huck lace poncho on the eight shaft floor loom.She’s doing a great job for a beginning weaver.

My Mermaid Scarf is back from a Las Tejedoras Fiber Arts Guild public library exhibit during the month of February.

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