Weaving embroidered, brocaded huipil fabric

This warp for a fuchsia huipil-style blouse has been on my eight shaft table loom for too long. I started weaving it months before I moved last year. I’m finally focused on finishing it. I am embroidering 3/2 mercerized cotton through huck lace weft floats on the loom. The fabric itself is 20/2 mercerized cotton. I wove a brocade and soumak border at the beginning. I will weave an identical brocade strip at the end. The fabric will become the two sides of the blouse, with the brocade along the bottom of the front of the blouse. I’ll weave tablet-woven inkle trim to decorate the neckline with a compatible diamond pattern. Pablo likes to keep me company when I weave on the table loom, which is actually on casters. I sit on a mat on the floor to weave.

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