A new spinning project


This is the first yarn I’ve spun since I moved to Santa Fe last year. I’m spinning a custom two-ply merino and silk yarn for LynnAnnRose. Of course Pablo is helping.

I decided to start with the solid-colored merino top in pale aqua for the first singles. I’m aiming for a fingering weight yarn; LynnAnnRose doesn’t know yet whether she will use the yarn for weaving something to wear or knitting a lace shawl. Two-ply yarn is ideal for both weaving and lace knitting: When woven, two-ply yarn lies flat, whereas three-ply yarn tends to slip around more because of the rounded shape of the yarn in cross section. Lace knitters also prefer two-ply yarn because when knitted, the yarn opens up the holes in the lace, whereas yarn with multiple plies tends to fill in holes.

The gradient-dyed braid is an 80% merino/20% silk top from Spindipity in the colorway “Aqua.”

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