A Saturday on the High Road to Taos

For the New Mexico Fiber Crawl, which included sites in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Española, Los Alamos, Taos, and small villages like Chimayó and Dixon in between, we chose to spend our time traveling to Taos. Pictured are our favorite sites on the crawl.

The first set of photos are from Centinela Traditional Fiber Arts in Chimayó. LynnAnnRose is standing with master weaver Irving Trujillo. Lisa Trujillo, also a well-known northern New Mexico weaver, is weaving a fine wool tapestry on an antique family rug loom. Irving is also a master dyer and dyes wool with natural dyes like indigo, madder and cochineal. Some of the tapestries, like the “Spirit of the Rio Grande” tapestry of the woman’s face with moon and stars, were woven by other weavers.

I also loved Metier Hand-weaving studio and gallery in Dixon. We drove home from Taos through Dixon (again) so I could buy this colorful wet felted art piece. I do wet felting, but nothing this skilled.

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