A new tropical ocean-themed shawl


I have measured out a warp for a new shawl. The yarn is three different colorways from Great Adirondack yarns hand dyed organic DK cotton, which is the equivalent of 3/2 mercerized cotton weaving yarn. The main colorway is “Spring Garden.” I’m calling my shawl, “Sanibel Seaside Shawl,” after Sanibel Island, Florida, one of my favorite places. While the shawl will mainly be blue, the rainbow colors suggest bright tropical/sub-tropical flowers found on the island.

I’m currently tying on the warp to the white huck lace diamond poncho yarn on my floor loom. First, I re-sleyed that warp from a 12-dent reed to a 15-dent reed to create a warp-emphasis design.


The weft will be my handspun cobalt blue cotton singles that I’ve been spinning on my charkha. I’m not giving away any details yet, but the huck lace design is an experimental one that will involve more than a dozen tie-up changes for a highly complex pattern that I hope will create an underwater ocean-themed design.

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