My Sanibel Seaside Shawl is finished!

smallest _IMG_0607smallIMG_0613smallIMG_0637

My finished shawl. Not counting the fringe, it’s the same length as my kitchen table. It’s super soft and drapey, a really amazing texture! Eight-shaft, three-end huck, 15 epi 3/2 cotton warp (organic DK Great Adirondack knitting yarn in Spring Garden, plus some Confetti and Hydrangea), five-end, handspun cobalt blue singles weft. I had to change the tie-up 13 times to produce this range of motifs; I used Fibonacci sequence numbers to space the motifs.

I named it my Sanibel Seaside Shawl, which is perfect timing, as Hurricane Irma just spared Sanibel from serious harm. I can’t wait until I can wear this shawl on Sanibel in a couple of months!!! I will take more photos soon showing the shawl being worn by me and LynnAnnRose.

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