Mermaid Scarf booklet in the works


I am writing a Mermaid Scarf/freeform overshot booklet. Weave wearable, drapeable scarves and other fabrics on any loom, from rigid heddle looms, backstrap looms, and even full size inkle looms, to simple shaft looms, multishaft table and floor looms, and dobby looms using the freeform overshot technique.

The booklet will include:

  • Close-up photographs of the back of my Mermaid Scarf that I took when I first removed the scarf from the loom, before wet finishing. This is the closest thing I have to a pattern chart, as I did not use a chart to weave my scarf.
  • A detailed, easy-to-follow description of how I wove my Mermaid Scarf, including excerpts and photographs from blog posts that I wrote when I was weaving the scarf.
  • Directions on how to apply the freeform overshot technique to any weaving project, including variations using a different mix of yarns than I used
  • Photographs and comments from other weavers who have woven freeform overshot scarves on their own or using Interweave Press’s Mermaid Scarf Kit
  • How to weave patterns similar to the freeform overshot technique on a multishaft dobby loom
  • How to use computer software weaving programs to design freeform overshot patterns and create pattern charts showing every single warp/weft interlacement.

Purchasing details coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Mermaid Scarf booklet in the works

  1. I am looking forward to the booklet. I hope to be one of the first to purchase it. While I have a floor loom, I love my rigid heddles.


  2. Cool. I look forward to this. I love what you did for the Mermaid. My black kitty Kamir would love to “help” me weave it, or something similar, on my RH.


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