New eBook: “Leno Lace Iridescent Wave Shawl”




I have a new weaving pattern eBook and print version listed in my Etsy shop: “Leno Lace Iridescent Wave Shawl.” Use LENOLACE20 coupon code through Sunday, December 10 to get 20% off the eBook and LENOLACE10 to get 10% off the print version.

I wove this shawl on my 25-inch-wide Schacht Flip rigid heddle loom. Weave a soft, lacy, drapey cotton shawl on a rigid heddle loom, shaft loom, or backstrap loom, with ocean waves and an iridescent appearance. Complete directions from start to finish. The shawl combines two finger-manipulated lace weaves: leno lace to produce open-work mesh waves and Spanish lace to weave plain weave in between the wave motifs.

This pattern booklet contains:
* Many close-up photographs of the shawl on and off the loom showing design detail.
* A description of how I came up with the design and how I chose which techniques to use.
* A detailed, easy-to-follow description of how to weave the shawl from start to finish.

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