New freeform overshot pattern published. New Facebook group coming soon.


I have published a new ebook, “Seashell Pattern Chart #1: Nautilus Shell” in my Etsy store as an instant digital download. This two-page PDF contains a weaving draft drawdown (chart) and weaving notes. Weave this freeform overshot pattern on a rigid heddle loom, backstrap loom, shaft loom (using pick-up), or drawloom. You can also use or modify this chart to weave four-shaft double weave, embroidery, beading, or for knitting a two-color stranded knitting or double knitting, or a knit/purl pattern.

PLUS, I will email buyers two WIF files for this draft, with and without the overshot tabby picks, within 48 hours to people who purchase this pattern.

The nautilus pattern can be used alone or in combination with other seashell patterns in my new Seashell Pattern Chart series’ booklets to weave a scarf or other items, like towels or framed artwork. I will publish a much longer booklet with all the patterns I design (10 to 12), plus complete directions for weaving a seashell-themed scarf. This will take a few months. People who join my Facebook group and who purchase all of my patterns in this series will receive a free copy of the finished scarf booklet.

In the meantime, I will be setting up a new Facebook group, “Weave Along with Lisa Rayner” to weave a seashell-themed freeform overshot scarf with group members on my 10-inch Schacht Cricket rigid heddle loom. Details coming soon.

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