Facebook study group Weave Along With Lisa Rayner is up & running!


I applied a coat of polyurethane to my new Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom. I’m getting ready to start a new freeform overshot project like my Mermaid Scarf. I will be weaving a seashell-themed scarf in my new Facebook group, starting with my charted nautilus design. Request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WeaveAlongWithLisaRayner/.

This group is a freeform overshot weaving study group. Members will be able to discuss their freeform overshot and other complex pick up weaving projects. You can choose to weave along with me, or just hand out and learn more about freeform overshot. Members are encouraged to ask questions and submit photos of their freeform overshot projects, both on the loom and finished projects.

Have you wished you could weave fabric with Jacquard-like patterns? Do you like tapestry motifs, but want to weave wearable, drapeable cloth? You can weave wearable, drapeable scarves and other fabrics on any loom, from rigid heddle looms, backstrap looms, and even full size inkle looms, to simple shaft looms, multishaft table and floor looms, and dobby looms using the freeform overshot technique. I created freeform overshot to weave cloth thin and drapey enough for wearable items but with large motifs usually found in weft-faced tapestries or warp-faced patterns like Andean Pebble Weave. Freeform overshot is a form of tabby (plain weave) alternating with fancy twill patterns not created by simple repeatable treadling/liftplan sequences.

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