SALE on all 12 Seashell Scarf Pattern Charts


I finished weaving my Seashell Scarf. Purchase ALL 12 Seashell Pattern Charts in my Etsy shop for a $44.95; buying them separately costs $59.88. If you only want a few of these patterns, buying them individually is more inexpensive. I wove my Seashell Scarf on my Schacht Cricket 10-inch loom with a pick up stick. Reading these PDF Pattern Charts requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or newer.

If you need background instructions on freeform overshot, purchase my 20-page FULL COLOR eBooklet, “The Mermaid Scarf Pattern & the Freeform Overshot Technique.” I wove my original Mermaid Scarf on my 25-inch Schacht Flip rigid heddle loom. Warp 3/2 weaving cotton, tabby weft 10/2 weaving cotton, pattern weft fingering wool singles. Handwoven magazine published my short article on my Mermaid Scarf and put the scarf on the magazine cover of the Nov./Dec. 2015 issue. This booklet is much longer and easier to follow than the Nov./Dec. Handwoven magazine article. The article was only three pages long and the editors shortened my version of the article even further. This booklet is 20 pages long and includes a lot of written information and many color photos not included in the magazine article.

Seashell Pattern Charts included in this eBook:

#1 Nautilus
#2: Starfish
#3 Turban
#4 Scallop
#5 Queen Conch
#6 Murex
#7 Sand Dollar
#8 Cowrie
#9 Seahorse
#10 Spider Conch
#11 Jellyfish
#12 Whelk Shell

My Seashell Scarf yarns:
* My warp yarn is fingering weight Araucania sugarcane rayon (Caña Ruca Aurora), which is similar in thickness to mercerized 3/2 weaving cotton like I used to weave my Mermaid Scarf.
* The tabby weft is 10/2 UKI No. 002 Light Turquoise, preshrunk.
* The pattern weft is 4-ply superwash sock yarn from Blissful Knits Etsy shop. It’s similar in thickness to the warp yarn.

Do you wish you could weave fabric with complex Jacquard-like patterns? Do you like tapestry motifs, but want to weave wearable, drapeable cloth? You can weave such fabrics on any loom, from rigid heddle looms, backstrap looms, and even full size inkle looms, to simple shaft looms, multishaft table and floor looms, and dobby looms using the freeform overshot technique.

All rights reserved. No part of this booklet may be duplicated, reprinted or shared electronically without written permission from the author, except for brief quotes and reviews. Respecting copyright supports the important work of authors. In addition, my patterns are for personal use only, not commercial use. Thank you.

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