Busy, busy, busy ….


I have multiple weaving and fiber arts projects going on at once:

1. I’m above the Venus of Dolní Věstonice’s belly button! Because I’m zigzagging the placement of my goddess motifs, I had some extra space to the right of her legs, so I added a small spiral to the design as I wove. I really like her 4:1 sateen body.


2. I’m trying to finish knitting a pair of socks I started a year ago! This is the second sock.

3. I decided to take up bead loom weaving. I finished my first loom-woven bracelet using 11/0 Japanese seed beads from my favorite bead store in Santa Fe, Beadweaver. I wanted it to fit both LynnAnnRose and me, so I added extra loops to create the second half of the clasp. I like my choice of the big bead and leaf bead to make the clasp itself. Also, I figured out that the loom fits into the grooves on our camping table, which makes the loom more stable. Now I’m going to weave a bracelet for LynnAnnRose using a lot of pinks and reds and a pattern that I will create as I weave.

4. Our latest weaving project: a rayon shawl in Caribbean colors. This is LynnAnnRose’s project (I’m helping her), and she’s a beginning weaver, so we’re making a plain weave shawl using these hand dyed fingering weight yarns on our 36-inch rigid heddle loom using a 12-dent heddle. The boucle yarn is from Yarntopia Treasures on Etsy. We’ll use that yarn for the warp. Both yarns are super soft.

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