My newest goddess pattern chart


My newest Goddess Scarf pattern is now available: Spirals, a very common goddess motif. The spirals will go around the back of the scarf. The pattern is approximately 16 inches long, or high, since drawdowns are vertical.

You could also use multiple repeats of this pattern to make a Mermaid Scarf-style scarf.


And here is a sneak peak at my design process: I like to draw designs freehand in my weaving software program in the drawdown. Nature is filled with geometric patterns, but none of them are expressed perfectly. Natural forces always interfere with “perfection”: water currents, wind, other beings crowding too close, geological processes, gravity, and more. Freehand drawing allows me to create naturalistic geometric patterns. My freeform overshot patterns are 64 ends, or shafts, wide. I use a simple 64-end straight threading and choose the liftplan option (the black squares on the right).

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