A sneak peak at my Goddess Ruana ….


I’ve been sewing my Goddess Ruana. I sew all my handwoven fabric, and commercial fabric, on a 1950s Singer clone sewing machine (a Riccar). For sealing the edges of handwoven fabric pieces, this is the zigzag attachment and cab I use.

Weavers who don’t have a serger often use plain zigzag stitch to seal fabric edges. I experimented with the different cabs that came with the zigzagger and discovered that this particular pattern holds yarn in pace the most effectively. It’s a fractal: smaller stitches within a larger curving arc. This stitch pattern is very effective at making sure that no warp or weft ends are left loose.

Here’s what I do: I make two parallel lines of this zigzag pattern and then cut the fabric in between them. I usually hand sew rolled hems that are about a quarter inch thick.

I sewed a tube of the commercial seashell fabric and made the neck curved. Then I sewed the seashell fabric to one side of the ruana fabric. The straight pin with the yellow head is marking the middle point of the right ruana panel.


I bought a large, really colorful lampwork glass button to be the fastener for my Goddess Ruana. The color intensity matches that of the scarf and Fibonacci striped fabric.

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