My finished Goddess Ruana. The fabric of the body of the ruana is Fibonacci-striped plain weave, woven in a 12-dent heddle with multiple sizes of weaving yarn: 3/2, 5/2, 6/2, 10/2. 20/2, with the thinner yarns bundled together to equal a 3/2 thickness. I wanted bright, colorful fabric. I sewed a tube of commercial seashell fabric inside out and made the neck curved. Then I sewed the seashell fabric to each side of the ruana fabric. I hand sewed the Goddess Scarf to the back of the neck so that I can flip the ends of the scarf over my shoulders. The bottom is hemmed. I’m have a lampwork glass bead for the front closer and the sides tacked together to prevent the ruana from blowing around in the wind. I’m now going to write a project ebooklet for the ruana and scarf: Buy my goddess and other freeform overshot patterns and technique ebooklets at

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