Back to weaving on my floor loom


It’s been a while since I’ve woven a project on my 8-shaft floor loom. I finished tying on a hand dyed warp to the white lace poncho warp ends. This is the second tie-on. My Sanibel Seaside Shawl was the first. I have plans for at least one more tie-on.


It’s a huck lace threading with twelve diamonds. A second set of 20/2 cotton ends tied on to each warp end create a subtle iridescent effect with lavender, turquoise and mint green. Together, the 5/2 cotton and tencel warp yarns and the 20/2 yarn are perfect for warp-emphasis sett of 15 epi. The aqua weft is 5/2 hand dyed tencel.

It’s a long warp of 4.5 yards long (the cotton multicolored warp was hand dyed by a dyer on Etsy after the warp was measured out. I plan to make a long tunic vest with the fabric. I’m calling it my Northern Lights Tunic Vest.


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